Our Leadership Team

Jerrod Bennet


Jerrod cut his teeth in technology more than 19 years ago working for a number of small San Diego based startups. He joined ServiceNow in 2006 and has grown in his passion for building high tech solutions on a steady foundation of doing right by the customer and the company.

After the massive growth years at ServiceNow, Jerrod launched a consulting/implementation company to help customers realize maximum return on investment for their enterprise software platform purchases.  Always focused on customer success, he then joined forces with Bow Ruggeri to form Dreamtsoft.
Dreamtsoft is the ultimate manifestation of his desire to build a comprehensive software platform that could not only deliver what each customer needs to further their business success, but also deliver on what was unimagined – a software platform without boundaries.
Enterprise customers deserve the ease of Legos to build what they want when they want it, with all of the capabilities of complex, feature rich enterprise software - just none of the hassle.  We aim to deliver just that – a simple, honest platform that grows with our customers.

Bow Ruggeri


Hailing from the Southern California area, Bow has always stayed true to his roots – whether that be the relaxed beauty and charm of San Diego or the passionate drive to always do the right thing--both personally and professionally.  As the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Dreamtsoft, Bow leads from the front. The self-taught developer guides the start up with integrity, clarity and a commitment to doing what is right – for customers, employees and the product.

Bow spent his career in technology, specifically software, including a long and productive stint ServiceNow (previously Glidesoft). As employee number two at ServiceNow, he was the right-hand developer to the company’s founder and early CEO, Fred Luddy, and helped grow the company to more 1000 employees.  While at ServiceNow the idea for Dreamtsoft, a software platform without boundaries, was born.

Bow left ServiceNow in 2012 and spent time exploring how such a platform could be built. He wanted to build something that is genuinely foundational and can serve as the framework to design, develop, deploy and deliver software applications that truly add value-- from home automation to workflow processes for the enterprise. This dream and this platform became Dreamtsoft.

I have always wanted to know how something worked – it drove me to teach myself how to code and it drives me today.  I want to know what our customers are struggling with and how we can help. Then I will go build it with our team here at Dreamtsoft.

Tom Moore

With more than 27 years of experience in the technology industry, Tom has spent the majority of that time at software companies working with enterprise customers. The longest residency was at ServiceNow from 2006 to 2016.  While at ServiceNow, Tom was instrumental in driving the business from startup to more than 1 Billion in recurring revenue streams across the enterprise customers, service providers, and partners. He brings that tenacity and “we can solve anything” attitude with him to Dreamtsoft as he now leads the sales, operations and marketing functions at Dreamtsoft.

His focus on building relationships, culture and trust in each role he has held, throughout his career, makes him a true partner to customers, partners and employees.  

I believe we can always find a solution.  Whether it is an internal crisis or a customer needing our help – we just don’t stop until we solve it – whatever it is.

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