Born and Raised in San Diego, California

Dreamsoft is not about software that manages the mattresses in your home, ensuring optimal bed configuration and pleasant dreams. Though, with the Dreamtsoft platform, you could probably build home automation software to do just that.
No, Dreamtsoft is about something slightly bigger than a good night’s rest. Dreamtsoft is literally about a dream, a vision of software without boundaries. The idea was formed by the company’s founders Bow Ruggeri and Jerrod Bennet after many years of late nights discussing the possibilities of software. Asking, how can software be truly unleashed? How can it better serve customers and their needs? How can we make it so it that it stays ahead of rapidly changing times?
Bow and Jerrod believed, like many of their customers, that at its best, software is an amazing driver of value for people and for businesses. Software has proven to make people more efficient and productive. It helps companies deliver engaging customer experiences. It empowers leaders to create new business models.
But the reality of software rarely lives up to the full promise. The cost to implement and manage is more than expected. The burden to integrate legacy technology is constraining. Products from different vendors often won’t work well together. There are too many features or not the ones you actually need for your business. And the underlying value gets trapped in organizational silos. There are, in short, a lot of barriers to its full potential.
At Dreamtsoft, we understand that a single vendor or product can’t solve all these problems, but from the beginning, with our founding dream, we have made it our mission to lead the way.  We believe that the right approach to building and deploying software can fundamentally change how you experience it—and make that experience as fulfilling as it can be.
For us, the right approach means starting with a foundation that is designed and built for change, for growth. Like many developers, our roots are in taking things apart, seeing how they, work, and solving real problems. And that’s what we did. We took all our years of collective experiences, all the stories we heard from our customers—both the happy and the unhappy ones, and we build a platform that allows you—and us—to imagine, develop, and deploy software that solves immediate problems, but doesn’t create issues down the road.  That doesn’t box you in.
We didn’t guess about the future, we designed for it. And we designed for the reality of your technology environment, with all its complexity and challenges. We removed the barriers to success, allowing you to focus on what you are good at and what is important to your business.
Once we had the right platform we wanted to start building applications ourselves. So, we started with what we knew best—IT Service Management technology—and we crafted what we believe is a truly transformative IT application.
Our application automates the day to day help desk tasks in ways that transform ITSM from a limited ticketing system to a strategic part of your IT portfolio. In quick fashion our application frees you and your team up to focus on problems that need more hands-on attention.
And our IT application also demonstrates the power of the underlying platform. We aren’t the only ones who can build applications on our platform. The possibilities are limited more by imagination than anything else.
Although we have been developers and business people for years, we are just getting started with Dreamtsoft. We know we have lofty aspirations and are dreaming big, but we are optimistic. And we are hoping that you join us on our journey to remove the barriers to what software can do for all of us.

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