Our Software Development Platform


Align applications to your digital business needs.


Build applications faster, easier, and more affordably.


Create flexible deployments within one hosted environment.


Support and improve application with built in tracking and closed loop system.

Align Applications to Your Needs

  • Base IT portfolio decisions based on business priorities
  • Optimize services for digital needs
  • Have a holistic view of your services portfolio
  • Establish consistent IT portfolio management processes
  • See key data emerge during IT portfolio planning
  • Identify technical redundancies in business services

Build Applications at Speed

  • Rapid data model and UI creation with our drag and drop UI
  • Brand or white label UI to match organization needs
  • Flexible data structure to grow with your business
  • Dynamically add and remove fields to adapt to future application changes
  • Quickly assemble logic and processes with our workflow generator
  • Accelerate time to value with enterprise grade apps

Create Flexible Deployments

  • Manage configurations in your own git repository
  • Data access layer leverages multiple data sources
  • Individual workspaces can customize and configure their own applications
  • Two door security model protects data between tenants
  • Manage and inherit apps from parent workspaces
  • Security report on data from multiple workspaces

Support and Improve Applications

  • Centralized knowledge repository
  • Collect metrics that align to the business and feed into improvement loop
  • Identify opportunities
  • Create a holistic view of the service lifecycle
  • Transform issues into business needs to bridge the gap between support and strategy

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