Better offerings, less cost

Bring differentiated experiences to acquire new customers and retain existing ones


Get more from less

Improve the efficiency of your people using fully integrated applications across sales, billing, contracts and support


Achieve the dream

Take the next step with an ITIL 4 aligned system, naturally integrated with CRM and PSA

Visualize & manage all of your work

Provide your clients with more than just a ticket tracking tool. Dreamtsoft is a fully automated work management system that will help manage each of your client's planned and unplanned work


No more lost billable hours. Less pain leveraging our simple and efficient time tracking system


Reduce the billing process from days to minutes with advanced entitlement enforcement & automated invoicing

Customer Satisfaction

Don't get to renewal date and find you have an unhappy customer. Track customer satisfaction in real time

IT Service Management

Enterprise grade ITIL aligned applications, suited and scaled to service providers

Contract Management

Enforce entitlements to ensure accurate billing. Increase recognized revenue renewal. Ensure timely renewals

Customer 360

Visualize all facets of the customer relationship, ensuring value is delivered and communicated


Maintain accurate customer assets in one centralized repository and kept up to date with industry leading RMMs


Integrate with anything, anytime, easily, with our free and unlimited bi-directional  REST APIs and webhooks

Self-Service Portal

Enhance your customers experience, reduce call volume, and enable customers to solve their own issues


Give support staff the knowledge of your experts by generating Knowledge base articles directly from resolved tickets

Sales enablement

Manage sales process from lead to close, all the while identifying new opportunities along the way

Project management

Streamline delivery and gain visibility into all of your projects, resources, schedules, and requests


Give your sales team the tools they need to identify new opportunities, close them fast, and automate onboarding

New deals can be tracked, forecasted, and instantly onboarded into a managed service agreement. Meanwhile, your VCIOs will have access to customer reports that will allow them to tune the service to fit the customer's need as well as identifying possible up-sells.


Everything is not a ticket. ITIL provides the various processes your team needs to better support your customers

You don't brush your teeth, toilet, and hair with the same tool. They're individual processes, each with unique requirements, lifecycles, and outcomes. Each process needs a tool designed to deliver those specific outcomes. For MSPs, ITIL 4 has defined those tools, and Dreamtsoft delivers them out-of-box.


Know where your time and money is going. By working from a single system, you'll instantly be aware of opportunities and inefficiencies

Agreements, entitlements, time tracking, invoices. Any break in the chain risks lost revenue. By tracking all elements of your back office under a single system, you gain a 360° view of your customer relationship. Identification of upsell opportunities, trending customer satisfaction, tuning your service offerings, and prioritization of work becomes simple and obvious.

Join us on September 9th for the first in our series of MSP web events and find out how Dreamtsoft can help your business mature and grow.
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