A Different Kind of ITSM

Easily Connect to What Matters

Your Data, Your Way

We can access your data where it sits. We don’t need to own your data or put it in our database.

Savings and Flexibility

You don’t have to move your data around. We can go get it. Saves you time and allows you a data model that works best for you.

Pre-Built APIs

Customer Service can open tickets from the tool they are using.


Auto indexing makes it easier to manage your application’s data.


Notify stakeholders when a major incident is opened or an emergency change is requested.


Federate your CMDB without having to sync the data from multiple data sources.

Adaptive, Open Data Structure

Flexible User Interface

Tenancy with No Constraints

Open and Familiar Development

Embrace the wheel! Like almost every developer alive, we’ve adopted the open industry development standard—git. You don’t have to learn or deal with a proprietary coding system.
The value of open. By embracing git we make control and conflict detection straightforward, allowing multiple user to configure the system without the normal risk.
Native IDE integration. Push and pull your configuration changes to your own git repository. Allowing you to use today’s best development tools and to control your configuration changes.
Consistent environment. Our approach to  tenancy allows developers unlimited development environments supporting DevOps. A true devops scenario.

Time Tested Industry Standards

No short cuts. Limits tech debt.

  • No need to invent proprietary tools when it’s not necessary
  • Allows your team to leverage their experience and expertise
  • Takes advantage of longevity and industry commitment

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