ITSM Unleashed

It’s not about bells and whistles;
it’s about being built for success in the real world.

Dreamtsoft's Unique Approach to ITSM

  • ITIL 4 as a flexible foundation
  • Embrace ITIL 4 defined practices
  • One license, unlimited possibilities
  • The power of AND
  • Continuous improvement, built in consulting

What Makes Dreamtsoft Different

  • Powerful data access layer that connects to any data, anytime, anywhere
  • Industry’s first schema-less data structure
  • Flexible user interface
  • Tenancy with no constraints
  • Open and familiar development
  • Time tested industry standards

Start Right, Succeed, Then Grow

To meet the demands of the business, IT is changing and becoming more strategic

Practices and Processes

ITIL 4 and other trends such as DevOps driving a leaner IT and a more holistic organization.


IT aligning to the business, engaging other teams, reducing silos.


Educating, retraining, and redeploying talent. Automating the day to day, focusing skill sets.


Need an IT Service Management solution that can grow with your business needs—a service that is adaptive, integrated, and can deliver more value over time.

ITSM Needs to Change as Well

Point Solutions
  • Rigid, inflexible
  • Difficult to meet unique needs
  • More affordable
  • The technology limits innovation and growth

Unlike point solutions or monoliths, Dreamtsoft provides an affordable ITSM solution built to grow with your needs:

Transform ITSM into a strategic part of your IT portfolio

Get the most out of your people, your technology, and your data

Help you on your journey to digital transformation, today and tomorrow

  • Configurable
  • Increased complexity
  • Expensive, complicated pricing
  • Pricing model limits innovation and growth

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