Dreamtsoft IT

A fresh approach

ITSM as it Should Be

Having taken the time and effort to build a fully thought out foundational platform, Dreamtsoft can deliver a service management solution that transcends the traditional products on the market

Right Sized

By focusing on what you realistically want and need in an IT product, we provide the features you actually use and take advantage of. You don’t pay for other company’s needs, only your own


Through simplicity, we give you the flexibility and ease to rapidly adjust and meet changing needs. From the intuitive User Interface to its ability to interact with multiple databases it offers the utmost in choice


Our commitment to playing well with others ensures your service management product doesn’t wall you off from other applications and data. The underlying platform can leverage your existing data from all of your other tools

Specific features

Everything you Need for Success

The features you need, and none of the fluff

Incident Management
SLA Management
Knowledge Base
Self-Service Portal
Problem Management
Change Management
Release Management
Project Management
Configuration Management
Consolidated Work Queue(s)
Agent Collision Detection
Parent-child ticketing
Linked Tickets
Shared Ownership
Email Support
Unlimited Reports
Demand Management